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Flexible Workers — Five Tips to Manage What You Can’t See

Teleworkers have become the fastest growing groups of employees in corporate America.  According to the WorldatWork Telework Trendliness survey, reveals an estimated 100 million professionals will be teleworking in just two years! Yet still today, most managers have only been trained on managing employees who are physically present to them.

Flexible Workers — Five Tips to Manage What You Can’t See will help managers find ways to be successful when managing teleworkers. Learn on the go with both audio instruction and a variety of resources including checklists, templates, survey information, supplemental reading materials and more.

The audio file focuses on five important areas on managing teleworkers:

  1. Communication
  2. Technology and tools
  3. Support and training for the team
  4. Managing for results
  5. Soft skills – traditional successful management skills

Audience:  HR or work-life professionals responsible for training managers who are responsible for teleworkers; Managers with flexible workers.

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