The Art and Science of Planning for a Compensation Committee Meeting

A compensation committee is one of the most important committees of an organization’s board of directors.

Over the past several years, there has been ever increasing pressure on executive compensation and the role of compensation committees. With the spotlight on the new SEC disclosure rules, excessive risk and “say-on-pay”, compensation committee members are under increased scrutiny from regulators, shareholders, and the media requiring a more active role in assuring compensation programs are well conceived, designed and implemented to support the organization’s business strategy.

Gain the knowledge, tools and insights needed to properly prepare for a compensation committee meeting this year In this informative webinar. You will learn how to map out your annual compensation committee meeting calendar to help ensure each session produces worthwhile dialogue and needed results. Find out how to plan and prepare for a meeting, including determining content, securing internal buy-in, understanding historical context, working effectively with compensation committee consultants and more.

You will learn:

  • Best practices for information sharing vs. decision-making
  • How to effectively work with compensation committee consultants
  • How to manage  committee members  ongoing need for information and education by staying ahead of their concerns and issues
  • Ways to identify "trip wires" before the committee meeting

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Mid Level Executive Compensation Practitioners (3 to 5 years executive compensation experience), Senior Level Executive Compensation or HR leaders who support or attend compensation committee meetings on behalf of their companies.

To gain the most from this webinar, participants should understand the following:

1. Executive compensation program elements
2. SEC disclosure rules & Proxy Statements

Brynn Evanson, CCP
Director of Compensation
J.C. Penney Company, Inc.

Steve Harris, CCP
Managing Director,
Frederic W. Cook & Co.

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