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Conference Workshops
Part of the value you will receive at the conference comes from the knowledge you will gain from more than 90 workshops. A broad spectrum of topics from foundational principles to advanced solutions will be offered in the areas of total rewards, compensation, executive rewards, benefits and work-life. No matter your level of professional experience, there is a workshop track that will benefit you and your organization.

Workshop Tracks

WorldatWork will offer workshops in the following tracks:

Total Rewards

Uncertain economic times; managing costs while retaining and engaging your workforce; competing for talent in an increasingly global environment – all challenges that can be successfully addressed by an effectively designed and delivered total rewards strategy.

During the total rewards track, you will:

  • Discover opportunities to leverage total rewards strategy and engage the workforce
  • Hear best practices from some of the most admired global organizations
  • Learn first-hand about research into new and innovative approaches to engage the workforce and drive performance
  • Gain insight on how others are tackling the toughest issues of today


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The business environment continues to challenge compensation professionals in the ongoing quest to attract, retain and motivate the workforce.  Are the traditional notions about base and variable pay simply experiencing temporary anomalies due to the economy or have we entered a new and permanent reality?  How can key talent be retained and motivated with continued limited budgets and strained employees?  Are there better ways to communicate with employees to send the right messages about your pay plans? 
For the sales compensation professional, this environment presents special challenges to be overcome. Now more than ever, the sales force needs to be committed and motivated through the compensation plans that reward them. Armed with knowledge about sales compensation best practices, compensation professionals can better partner with sales leaders and top leadership to influence thinking about how to harness sales compensation’s motivational power and use it to effectively drive desired business results.

During the compensation track, total rewards experts, including practitioners, consultants and associations, will share the latest ideas and successful implementations in utilizing base pay, market pricing, variable pay and pay for performance.

The following is a brief example of what you will see:

  • Pay for performance in today’s environment
  • Using the latest variable pay techniques to your advantage
  • Competitive pay in today’s marketplace
  • Non-cash rewards to augment base and variable pay


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Continuing anxiety around the impact of the regulatory landscape surrounding the new health-care law, coupled with economic uncertainty, escalating benefits costs, financial stress, health & productivity concerns, retirement savings and pension funding issues, and the continuing re-examination of the ROI for benefits programs and overall future benefits strategies, what will be the role of employee benefits in the employer-employee value proposition?

What can employers do from a benefits perspective to engage employees whether they are still in the economic doldrums or on their way to recovery?  Will benefits continue to play a pivotal role in the attraction and retention of employees?

Throughout the Benefits Track, we will be addressing a wide range of benefit topics that may include:

  • Benefits Strategy:  How companies can design a roadmap for the future as part of an overall total rewards strategy and leverage more effectively the role benefits serves in an organization
  • Global Benefits:  How companies can design a global benefits strategy to meet their organizational needs
  • Financial Wellness/Education:  How companies can empower employees with a sense of fiscal fitness to overcome stress, reduce their financial worries, and educate them on a variety of financial topics to become more productive
  • Health & Productivity:  How companies can engage employees to take better care of their physical and mental health to become more productive through health & wellness initiatives, financial incentives, value-based health-care designs, and health-care delivery with improved outcomes
  • Employee Engagement:  How can benefits engage employees during all economic landscapes, and address the needs of a multigenerational workforce in order to increase organizational productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Benefits Communication:  How companies can help their employees clearly understand and appreciate the value of their benefits package
  • Health Care:  How to deliver maximum value to both employers and employees, including an examination of consumer-driven health-care and retiree medical plan options, and the impact of the new regulatory environment  
  • Vendor Management:  How to better negotiate/leverage for your company to gain a more successful partnership, including an examination of total retirement outsourcing
  • Retirement Planning:  How to better design plan provisions that meet the future retirement objectives of both employers and employees, including a discussion of lifetime income streams in a defined contribution environment

Executive Rewards

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Overall economic conditions, Say on Pay, The Dodd-Frank Act, Pay for Performance, excessive risk, annual goal setting, and governance are just some of the challenges executive rewards professionals and their companies must address.

Many of the top executive rewards consultants, along with leading practitioners from progressive Fortune 500 companies, will discuss several of these issues and offer solutions to today’s challenges including: 

  • Managing equity and long-term incentives in a continually changing economic environment
  • Aligning executive pay and performance to the benefit of shareholders while retaining your best executive talent
  • Effectively maneuvering through the new regulatory environment
  • How to enhance your relationship with your compensation committee in today’s highly charged environment
  • How to hold proxy advisory firms accountable
  • How to align your Executive Total Rewards with your business strategy


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Organizations are beginning to see the strategic power that incorporating work-life initiatives can have on their Total Rewards value proposition.  To make this area of your organization’s rewards program successful, employers need to recognize the needs of their employees in and outside of the office and create a culture that supports, manages and communicates their work-life programs, policies and practices.

In this economy, with merit and bonuses down and health-care costs going up, what can be offered within the total rewards area that keeps employees motivated and valued by their companies?

  • Flexibility – time is the new currency and flexibility is a way of giving that time to employees.  Flexibility is more than programs and initiatives, but includes an entire way of “being” culturally within an organization.  Those organizations that strive to move themselves into a “flexibility culture” will create a workforce empowered to work, when, how and where they need to in order to address both work and personal objectives.
  • Health, Wellness and Resiliency - how wellness initiatives can affect productivity and the employer’s bottom line
  • New Answers - what’s on the horizon for work-life initiatives that recognize the demands on employees both in and out of the office. 

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