High-Performance Pay: Fast Forward to Business Success

Pay gurus and WorldatWork Keystone Award winners Pat Zingheim and Jay Schuster are at it again!  A sequel to their best-seller, Pay People Right!, High-Performance Pay begins where that ground-breaking book left off.  The new book challenges conventional thinking and encourages compensation and human resource professionals to develop a proactive position about using total rewards to enhance organizational effectiveness and move the business forward.

This book presents five cohesive parts with an engaging discussion on the current state of the profession, as well as both cutting-edge and proven approaches to help you attract, motivate, retain, develop and engage your workforce.

Bringing more than 25 years of experience, Pat and Jay pave the path to success with fresh, innovative ideas, as well as tangible methods to help prepare your employees as they acquire and apply critical skills and competencies that add value to the bottom line.

Author(s):Jay Schuster, Patricia Zingheim
Publisher:WorldatWork Press (2007)
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