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Stock Options and the New Rules of Corporate Accountability:
Measuring, Managing and Rewarding Executive Performance, Second Edition

This second edition of Stock Options and the New Rules of Corporate Accountability examines the hot-button issue of executive compensation and proposes new methodologies and techniques for better aligning stock options, performance rewards and accounting.

First published by McGraw-Hill in the fall of 2003, this new edition has been re-examined and updated to include the implications of regulatory changes instituted by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Author Don Delves, an executive compensation authority, describes the importance and history of the stock option expensing issue and puts it into a broader context, an appreciation of which is necessary for understanding the new rule and its implications.

His words breed optimism that the new accounting rule and other dramatic changes in corporate governance over the last three years will lead to greatly improved accountability, far more effective incentive design, vastly improved corporate governance and creative compensation solutions we have not yet imagined.

He also delineates many of the current problems with executive compensation and the decisions made by board compensation committees, and discusses a variety of solutions, recommendations and a few admonitions for boards and management for making executive pay and corporate governance far healthier and more effective.

Author(s):Donald Delves
Publisher:WorldatWork Press (2006)
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E-Book ISBN:9781579632731
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